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Aura™ILT Fly Light

Aura™ILT Fly Light

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The beautiful facade with designer matte black finish conceals caught insects on the hidden glue board, making it a truly discreet option for customer facing insect control. Ideal for use within cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels, the Aura™ offers an elegant, modern aesthetic alongside innovative, easy-to-service features and maximum efficacy. The unique circular registered design of the unit allows light to attract flying insects from a full 360° around the unit, attracted by the Synergetic® green light, whilst the design of the discreetly positioned glue board gives a 100% useful glue area which remains hidden from customer view.

• Contemporary detailing and elegant clean lines
• Beautifully polished facade
• Slim design ensures that the unit is unobtrusive
• Ultra discreet fly catching glue board hidden from view
• 100% useful glue board area ensures maximum efficacy
• Ensures compliance with food hygiene legislation and protects clientele from flying pests
• Dual wavelength Synergetic® technology for an increased catch
• Easy tool free access and efficient servicing
• Quick and simple IEC mains socket, or discreet hard wiring option
• Robust stainless steel and UV stable polycarbonate construction
• Lamp: 1 x TGX22
• Glue board: 1 x INL198
• Suggested area coverage: 40m²

Manufacturer Pelsis
Primary Pest Flying Insects
Utility  Light
Container Size Each



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