2023 Early Order Program


2022 Early Order Program

Order Early. Save Green

Leverage WinField® United’s Early Order Program for added savings and bonus offers. Act early and combine purchases from our industry-leading suppliers and programs.

Program Details

Program runs October 1, 2021 – December 10, 2021. For professional applicators only.

And check out the offerings from our supplier partners as well:


AMVAC Program Sheet | Rewards Website

Aquatrols Program Sheet | Rewards Website

BASF Program Sheet | Create Your Program Website

BASF Lawn Care Program Sheet

Bayer Golf Program Sheet | Rewards Website

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Biosafe Program Sheet

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Corteva Ornamental Program Sheet

*EOP program periods Oct. 1- December 10th, 2021 or

January - February 2022.

FMC Program Sheet | Rewards Website

*rebate opportunities start September 1st

If you've already signed up for FMC True Champion, you do not need to re-apply.

Nufarm Program Sheet | Rewards Website

Nufarm Nursery/Greenhouse Program Sheet

Nufarm Lawn Care Program Sheet

Nufarm Florida Program Sheet

Nufarm Bundle Program Sheet

Nufarm Calculator

*Period 1: September 13th- October 31st, 2021

Period 2: November 1st - December 10th, 2021

OHP Program Sheet

PBI Gordon Program Sheet | Rewards Website

Quali-Pro Program Sheet | Rewards Website

SePro Turf Program Sheet | Rewards Website

SePro Ornamental Program Sheet

Syngenta Golf Program Sheet | Rewards Website

Syngenta Calculator

Syngenta California Golf Program Sheet

Syngenta Golf Pallet Single App Sheet

Syngenta Multipak Offer Sheet

Syngenta Lawn Care Program Sheet

Syngenta California Lawn Care Program Sheet

Syngenta Ornamental Program Sheet

Syngenta California Ornamental Program Sheet

*Early Order Program October 1st - December 8th, 2021

WinField United Pro Program Sheet

Do you qualify?

Golf, Lawn Care, Ornamental and Sports Turf customers who purchase a minimum of $5,000 worth of product from qualifying suppliers during the Early Order Program (EOP) timeframe (October 1st, 2021 through December 10th, 2021) will qualify.

This must include a minimum purchase of $1,000 worth of Qualifying WinField United (WU) Branded Products, which are listed on the 2021 WinField United product list.

Rebate Benefits

Customers can earn rebates of up to 6% on their qualifying purchases.

Payment terms on your terms

Qualifying purchases are eligible for extended payment terms through June 24th, 2022.

More incentives

Make your qualifying purchase during EOP and earn gift cards! Speak to your WinField® United sales representative for more information.

Smart bundles

Take advantage of bundled proprietary WinField® United product packs designed to pair and enhance industry-leading manufacturer packs and cubes. Ready to sign up? Contact your sales representative today.