The WinField United Pro Team

Scott Gault

Director, WinField United Professional Products

Tyler Chandler

National Sales Manager, Wholesale

Stephen Goodrich

Senior Operations Manager

Ricky Jackson

Senior Sales Manager of LCO, AVM, Pest Control, and Ornamental

Mitch Opsahl

Senior Procurement Manager

Rachel Mohorn

Business Development and Strategy Manager

Ren Wilkes

Director of Golf

Rob Garcia

Senior Technical Specialist, Western US

Bruce Jump

Pricing Manager

Kevin Leeper

Senior Technical Specialist

Susie Schmitt

Ecommerce Specialist

Linsie Ravel

Ecommerce Associate

WinField United Pro Sales Representatives

Gary Cotton

Golf, Southeast Team Lead

Chris Hoff

Golf, Mid-West Team Lead

Jim Taylor

Golf, West Team Lead

Greg Bronniman

Lawn Care, Team Lead

Freddie Ingram

Pest Control, Team Lead

Drew Guffey

Alternative Markets, Team Lead

Adam Klinger

Ornamental, Team Lead

Chris Smith

Aquatics and VM, Team Lead

Mack Bostick

Wholesale and Vegetative Mgmt, Mid-South

Cal Hill

Wholesale, Lawn Care, and Golf

Brian Hoff

Wholesale and Ornamental/Greenhouse

John King

Wholesale and Golf

August Lietzen

Wholesale and Lawn Care

Phil Nietz

Wholesale, Lawn Care, and AVM

Scott Anderson

Golf, Mid-South

Mike Bailey

Golf, Southeast

Nick Binder

Golf, Mid-West

Dennis Bogart

Golf and Lawn Care, Mid-South

Blake Boroughs

Golf and Lawn Care, Mid-South

Pat Cash

Golf, Northeast

Craig Evans

Golf and Lawn Care, Mid-South

Ken Harding

Golf, Mid-West

JK Harrison

Golf, Mid-South

Roman Grigg

Golf, West

Tim Hanrahan

Golf, Northeast

Josh Heersink

Golf, West

Roger Henderson

Golf, West

Bill Lund

Golf, Southeast

Jim Masone

Golf, Northeast

Pat Neuendorff

Golf, Mid-South

Kevin McCroskey

Golf and Alternative Crops, Mid-South

Darin Miller

Golf, West

Chad Nixon

Golf, Southeast

Mike Pajolek

Golf, Northeast

Jay Popko

Golf, Northeast

Kyle Sherwood

Golf, Mid-West

TJ Shine

Golf, Southeast

Brad Smith

Golf, Mid-West

Greg Ward

Golf, Lawn Care, and Alternative Crops, Mid-West

Chad Burkett

Lawn Care, Southeast

Terry Burns

Lawn Care, Mid-West

John Cabori

Lawn Care

Jason Fischer

Lawn Care, Mid-South

Stacy Gingrich

Lawn Care and Vegetative Mgmt, Mid-South

Doug Raynor

Lawn Care and Pest Control, Southeast

Rob Saunders

Lawn Care and Golf, Northeast

Patrick Wienstroer

Lawn Care, Mid-South

Daniel Efigenio

Pest Control, Mid-South

Ken Gagne

Pest Control and Lawn Care, Southeast

Dixie Mussaw

Pest Control, West

Jeff Wilkinson

Pest Control, Mid-South

David Willey

Pest Control, Mid-South

Jeff Kahlich

Vegetative Mgmt, Mid-South

Dharmen Setaram

Aquatics and Vegetative Mgmt, Southeast

Jeff Campbell

Ornamental and Lawn Care, Mid-South

Jeff Hermes

Ornamental/Greenhouse, Mid-West

Eric Kellough

Ornamental, Southeast

Miles Rivera

Alternative Crops