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TALPIRID Mole Killer is a worm-shaped mole bait scientifically proven to kill moles in lawns and gardens. Moles usually die in their tunnels. Moles can consume a lethal dose in a single feeding and die in as little as two days.

Developed and tested on live, captured moles, TALPIRID Mole Killer works where grain baits, repellents and a myriad of home remedies have failed. This revolutionary mole bait mimics the mole's natural food - the earthworm. Plus it contains special enhancers that attract moles.

This is a restricted use product in NY and in NC. A pesticide license number is required for the product to be shipped. 

Manufacturer Bell Labs
Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromethalin, Other Ingredients
Composition .025%, 99.975%
Container Size 20 per carton
Case Amount 5(2X10) carton
Application Amount See label for details.


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