Tall Fescue High Performance Sod + PGS 50lb

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Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend is the latest generation of tall fescue varieties known for performing well in poor conditions and showing exceptional disease resistance. It performs well in stressful conditions such as drought and provides an early green-up in the spring. No matter the conditions, this mixture holds up well and establishes quickly across the landscape.

What's in Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend?

Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend contains 100 percent tall fescue of the highest quality. It's an outstanding disease package, resisting everything from brown patch and stem rust to leaf spot and dollar spot. What makes it even better is the addition of Gravity SL PGS, a plant growth stimulant that helps the seeds germinate and establish more quickly across the landscape.

Where to Use Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod

Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend can be used on most landscapes, including recreational sites and high-traffic areas. Because of its specialized tall fescue mixture and the addition of a plant growth stimulant, it germinates and establishes quickly and shows excellent traffic stress tolerance. Apply it in areas where an early green-up is encouraged. The blend is highly resistant against fungal diseases and continues to remain hardy no matter the weather or management conditions. Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend shows high performance across a variety of tests based on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) using WinField's patented Turf Performance Indexing algorithms.

Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Outperforms the Competition

"Analyzing NTEP data using the Patented Turf Tech Pro Tool, WinPro outperforms other entries in the NTEP trials. Comparing performance on key attributes listed, WinPro outperforms comparable tall fescue by an amazing 19.3 TPI points. Higher % TPI represents better consistent overall performance."

Adding Gravity SL PGS to the blend helps Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend outperform the competition not only in early spring green-up and drought resistance but also in the resistance against fungal diseases.

Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Features and Benefits

Treating the latest generation of tall fescue varieties with Gravity SL PGS is what makes this mixture better than any other grass seed blend from the competition. The tall fescue varieties were chosen for top performance. This blend was selected for true genetic diversity based on the TTP attribute analysis. Some of the major features and benefits of Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend from WinField United include:

  • Resists fungal diseases like brown patch, dollar spot and stem rust
  • Provides an early green-up in the spring
  • Establishes quickly and grows thick and full
  • Resists extreme heat and drought
  • Shows outstanding traffic stress tolerance
  • Recovers quickly after environmental stresses

High-Performance Sod for Drought Tolerance

Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend is the ultimate mixture for growing highly resistant sod. It's treated with Gravity SL PGS, so the sod will establish quickly across the application site. Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend resists drought conditions, including heavy traffic and fungal diseases like brown patch. It's hard to top WinPro's Tall Fescue High-Perf Sod Blend to grow tall fescue that comes up green in early spring and recovers quickly from environmental stresses and fungal diseases.

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