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Ponds and lakes don't always look as healthy and blue as they could. With SensiPro Blue colorant, it's easy to transform a dull, gray pond into a vibrant, healthy blue. It won't harm fish or waterfowl and can even be applied to water used for recreational purposes, including swimming.

How SensiPro Blue Works

SensiPro Blue contains a proprietary, rapid-dispersion formulation that enhances the water's health and natural beauty. It turns the water to a deep blue color without staining fish, waterfowl, livestock and water features. The colorant disperses quickly through the water column when used at the appropriate rates.

Where to Use SensiPro Colorant

Use SensiPro Blue in man-made bodies of water such as lakes and ponds. It can be used to convert a dull pond on a golf course into a vivid, reflective blue color. Use it in reflection pools, fish ponds, aquascapes and recreational water. It's safe to use in water for swimming and fishing, and the treated water can still be used for irrigation with no worry.

Features and Benefits

  • Doesn't stain or harm livestock, fish or waterfowl
  • Perfect for golf course ponds, farm ponds and more
  • Has rapid dispersion technology to transform the water quickly

Enhance Lakes and Ponds with SensiPro Blue

Because SensiPro Blue colorant moves rapidly through the water column, visual results can be seen not long after application. There's no harm to fish or birds, and it won't stain people who swim in the water. The colorant improves the health of the water while creating a striking blue color that stands out among the landscape.


Sensient Colors


Dual purpose water soluble bags - lake/water colorant and spray pattern indicator 

Active Ingredient

Food quality dyes

Container Size

Carton (15 x 3.26oz Water Soluble Bag) in each carton.

Application Amount

See label for details.


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