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Some people prefer to use natural insecticides rather than those with chemical ingredients. Pest Out is an organic miticide and insecticide, providing exceptional and quick control of spider mites and insects like aphids. These pests cause damage to the plants, which could result in lower yields, defoliation and more. Pest Out contains natural ingredients and provides quick results in the target area.

How Pest Out Works

Pest Out only uses natural, organic ingredients to control pest infestations on crops. It contains cottonseed oil and garlic extract as the active ingredients, as well as clove oil, oleic acid and lauric acid. These ingredients kill the pests on contact, preventing a widespread infestation. It also kills the insects and mites without posing much harm to beneficial fauna in the area.

Where to Use Pest Out Natural Miticide

Use Pest Out as a foliar spray to kill a variety of mite species and insects on fruiting crops. Since it contains organic ingredients, it's safe to use on greenhouse plants. The natural ingredients are safe to use on many fruit and vegetable crops and won't cause harm to people or animals. Pest Out can be used in an integrated pest management (IPM) program with other organic products for effective and natural pest control.

Target Pests

Pest Out targets a variety of mite species. These pests spin webs on the leaves and then feed on the plants, causing damage such as wilt and stunted growth. Apply Pest Out as a foliar spray to kill two-spotted spider mites, red mites and rust mites, along with other invasive species. The ingredients in Pest Out also dissolve their webs and control the eggs to prevent future infestations. This product is also effective on foliage-damaging insects like aphids and thrips.

Benefits of Pest Out Miticide

There are no re-entry or pre-harvest intervals when using Pest Out, making it safe for the applicator to apply at any time. The natural ingredients don't pose a risk to the applicator and also don't leave behind a residue or cause an odd taste on the fruit. Pest Out is perfect for use in an IPM program and controls mites on a variety of crops. The main reasons to use Pest Out for mite and insect control include:

  • Contains all-natural and organic ingredients
  • Safe to use around people and pets
  • Kills the pest insects and mites on contact
  • Provides season-long insect and mite control
  • Doesn't leave an odd taste on the fruit

Control Mites and Insects Naturally With Pest Out

Miticides and insecticides usually contain chemical toxins and have long re-entry times. Pest Out Miticide and Insecticide only contains natural ingredients and doesn't require the applicator to wait before re-entering the application area, even on the same day as harvest. It can be used on many different crops because of its organic formulation. When red spider mites or thrips cause damage to crops, use Pest Out to kill the pests on contact without the need to use toxic chemicals to do the job.

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