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Weight loss, blood loss and anemia are just a few of the problems that some insects can cause to cattle on farms. Patriot Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags protect against various flies and ticks, keeping the animals safe from diseases and other problems that could lead to profit loss. The tags contain an active ingredient that targets many common cattle pests, including pyrethroid-resistant species like horn flies.

How Patriot Insecticide Ear Tags Work

Patriot Ear Tags contain the active ingredient diazinon, a chemical substance that has a similar mode of action to synthetic pyrethroids. It's a potent neurotoxin that targets the insects' nervous system and causes paralysis and death not long after exposure. The ear tags contain 40 percent of this active ingredient, making them very effective against the most harmful insect pests to cattle, from horn flies to lice and ticks.

Where to Use Cattle Ear Tags

Cattle ear tags can be used on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. They should not be used on lactating dairy cows. The tags are easy to apply to the animals' ears and provide consistent protection from the labeled pests. In fact, these tags are the only ones on the market that contain the active ingredient diazinon. They're made to be used with the Allflex Total Tagger, including red pins and black clips. For optimum control, attach two ear tags per animal. However, one ear tag will still provide adequate insect control.

Target Pests

Horn flies cause the most damage to cattle and cost the cattle industry billions of dollars in losses every year. These flies suck the blood of the animal and cause everything from reduced grazing to bacterial infections. Patriot Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags protect against horn flies and prevent infestations around the animal. It also keeps houseflies, face flies and stable flies away. These tags are also effective at controlling lice and ticks.

Why Use Patriot Cattle Ear Tags?

If the cattle are exposed to insects every day, it could cause health problems for the animals and profit loss to the farmers. These tags are easy to apply with the labeled tagger and protect against everything from horn flies to ticks. Though one tag is enough to provide adequate insect control, two tags ensure the cattle are protected from the heaviest infestations. Other reasons to use cattle ear tags include:

  • Protection from Gulf Coast ticks and Spinose ear ticks
  • For use on non-lactating dairy cattle
  • Controls flies and lice
  • Contains a high dose of diazinon for maximum insect control
  • Comes with 20 tags per box

Control Common Livestock Pests With Patriot

Protect cattle and profits from damaging horn flies, lice and ticks with Patriot Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags. They're the only cattle ear tags on the market with diazinon as the active ingredient, making them the most effective solution against pyrethroid-resistant horn flies and other insects. They can be used in one or both ears depending on the level of control wanted, and they're easy to apply with an Allflex Total Tagger.

*Not for use on this pest in California.



  • Horn Flies
  • House Flies
  • Lice
  • Ticks
  • Face Flies
  • Stable Flies

Product Type

  • Ear Tag
Manufacturer Bayer
Primary Pest Flies
Utility  Ear Tag
Active Ingredient Diazinon, Other Ingredients
Composition 40%, 60%
Container Size 1 carton
Application Amount See label for details.



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