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Pageant® TR Intrinsic® brand fungicide provides a quick, convenient way to control foliar diseases in greenhouse ornamentals. Designed for use in enclosed greenhouses, anytime during the production cycle, this product can also be used in the enclosed cargo areas of trucks to protect plants during transportation. A portable ultra-low volume (ULV) system in a can, this aerosol delivers rapid foliar disease control in a ready-to-use application. The exclusive delivery system minimizes interruption to your daily operations and reduces worker exposure. Now, you can get foliar diseases under control — and get back to business.

– Quick, convenient application: To control disease, the ULV aerosol can be applied in three simple steps: Locate, Lock Down, and Leave.

– Minimizes interruption and worker exposure: The ready-to-use formulation and easy application reduce worker exposure concerns.

– Dual modes of action deliver effective disease control: This Intrinsic brand fungicide controls Alternaria, Botrytis, Cercospora, Cylindrocladium, Myrothecium, powdery mildew and rust (Uromyces).

Pageant TR Intrinsic brand fungicide enables you to provide disease protection overnight, and reopen the next morning. The re-entry interval is 12 hours with no ventilation*. When used in the enclosed cargo areas of trucks, it provides additional disease protection from the time plants leave the greenhouse to the time they arrive at the retail site. With its Locate, Lock Down, and Leave method, and its ready-to-use, no-mix formulation, this Total Release product also minimizes worker exposure.

Manufacturer BASF
Active Ingredient pyraclostrobin:carbamic acid, [2-[[[1-(4-chlorophenyl)-1 H pyrazol-3-yl] oxy] methyl] phenyl] methoxy-, methyl ester, boscalid: 3- pyridinecarboxamide, 2-chloro-N-(4'-chloro[1,1'-biphenyl]-2-yl), Other Ingredients
Composition 1.75%, 3.50%, 94.75%
Container Size 3 oz can
Weight of Container Size 1.0 lbs
Application Amount See label for details.

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  • Hello! I need a fungicide for my 2 boxwood shrubs in planters. What do you recommend please?

    Thank you for reaching out! Before we suggest a fungicide we want to get a bit more information about what you are seeing on your boxwood shrubs. Do you mind emailing us at ? We want to provide you the best possible suggestion.