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Want to make sure an application is applied thoroughly to the target site? Mystic® HC SPI can help with that. It comes in a temporary blue color and is used to mark spray applications. It's not like a regular dye, so there's no worry about leaving permanent stains on the application site. It mixes easily in the tank and won't negatively affect pesticide or fertilizer efficacy.

How Mystic HC Works

Mystic HC is a temporary blue colorant that makes spray applications more visible. Because it doesn't cause stains, it's easy to clean off the spray equipment. Any colorant that touches hands or clothing can easily be washed off with soap and water.

Where to Use Mystic HC

Use Mystic HC SPI (spray pattern indicator) anywhere pesticides and fertilizers are used. It can be combined in the tank with herbicides or insecticides to make it easier to see where the product is applied. It can be applied to most turfgrass sites but should not be used on edible food crops or feed used for livestock.

Mystic Features and Benefits

Mystic HC is specially formulated for those who need to achieve precise applications. More precise applications mean fewer applications and less waste of the products. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Non-staining formulation for quick and easy cleanup
  • Doesn't affect pesticide efficacy
  • Creates more precise and visible applications

Improve Spray Applications with Mystic HC

With Mystic HC, it's easy to see if a product was applied thoroughly to the target site. Better yet, it's a temporary blue colorant that will never stain the spray equipment or negatively affect pesticide efficacy. It can even be used with liquid fertilizers for more precise applications on turf and ornamentals.


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