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Mystic HC

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Mystic® HC spray pattern indicator (SPI) is a premium high-concentrate liquid blue dye for use in spray applications.


Mystic® Spray Pattern Indicator (SPI) products come in two highly visible options for marking spray applications. Mystic® Blue SPI is a liquid dye that transforms tank-mix water into an easy-to-see blue color. Mystic® Green SPI is a liquid dye that turns tank-mix water into a highly visible green color that mimics natural plant color without visually disrupting the landscape. Mystic® SPI products are labeled for turf, ornamental, vegetation management and pest control sites and can be used with all types of pesticides.


  • Non-staining formulation promotes easy cleanup.
  • Nonionic formulation does not interfere with pesticide efficacy.
  • Liquid formulation helps users achieve correct color easily.



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