Maxforce® FC Select Roach Bait Gel

Maxforce® FC Select Roach Bait Gel

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Target Pest:
Cockroaches, specifically American Cockroaches, oriental cockroaches, brown cockroaches, and smoky brown cockroaches
Each carton contains 4 tubes containing .33 grams of active ingredient.
The Maxforce FC Select Roach Gel Bait attracts and kills both normal and bait-averse cockroaches in problem sites across the county. The active ingredient within this cockroach gel bait is an insecticide called Fipronil. Once ingested by cockroach it starts to disrupt the central nervous; however, it doesn't kill the cockroach immediately, it allows the cockroach to return to its harborage where other adult and nymph cockroaches are and spread the active ingredient through droppings and ultimately its remains . Maxforce FC Select Roach Gel Bait also works when the cockroach touches the gel, allowing it to spread to other cockroaches through this method as well. Both ingestion and just touching of the gel allows for multiple generations of cockroaches to be terminated. While you might not see cockroach carcasses around your home, that does not mean the product isn't working. Once the cockroach has ingested or came in contact with the gel bait, it will return to its harborage and help spread the active to other cockroaches.

Gear Needed : Wear disposable gloves when handling the syringes and wash hands with soap and water once finished using the product.
Where can the gel be used?
These can be used both indoors and outdoors as a cracks and crevice treatment within residential areas and the non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, apartment buildings, and much more. Please check the label for the full listing of areas this can be administered.
First inspect the area to see how much product is necessary to use based on the level of infestation. You will need to snip the end of the tip of the tube to begin.  For a light to moderate infestation use 1-2 dime sized spots per square yard. For a severe infestation use 2-4 quarter sized spots per square yard.  Cockroaches frequent along areas of construction and they love tight spots between equipment and floors. This gel can be used under baseboards, sinks, countertops, seats, around water pipes, water heaters, dishwasher equipment, in crack and crevices as well as voids where insects harbor. Also, pick spots where pets and children cannot come in contact with the gel. After use, the tube can be resealed with a cap.  Once placed, inspect the area every few days to see if you need to reapply. It's important to note that this product can stain porous surfaces or textiles.
 It is important to inspect areas around the home or structure where cockroaches might be able to enter. If identified use caulking or other measures to seal the structure. When placing the gel outdoors, a dime size or more of the bait can be placed at points of entry such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints.*See the label for a full list of where you can use the cockroach gel.
The active ingredient within the arena will start working within 6-24 hours and needs to monitored to make sure the gel doesn't become hardened and unpalatable to the cockroaches. Also, when using outside if heat or water is introduced to the gel it can cause the gel to not work as its intended. It's suggested to rotate the type of bait you use every 90-120 days.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children or pets.

Are these safe for children and pets to be around ? Yes, if used and placed properly. Do not place gel near or around food. Please refer to the label when using in areas near or around where food is prepared or handled.

If empty do not refill or reuse the syringe. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. For questions call 1-800-CLEANUP for more information on how to dispose.


Manufacturer Bayer
Primary Pest Cockroach
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Fipronil, Other Ingredients
Composition .01%, 99.99%
Container Size 4x30gm
Case Amount 5x (4x30 gm)
Application Amount See label for details.