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Invade BioDrain

Invade BioDrain

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InVade™ BioDrain™ thickened formula clings to the sides of the drain and eats through scrum while eliminating odors. It uses no harsh chemicals and can be applied directly to the drains. This product can also be used with power sprayers and mopping applications.

Manufacturer Rockwell Labs
Utility  Cleaner
Active Ingredient Natural Microbes, Citrus Oil
Composition 100%
Container Size 1 gallon/32 oz bottle
Case Amount 4x1 gallon/ 12x32 oz bottles
Application Amount See label for details.


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  • The picture on google shows this as a gallon when it redirects to this website it is a smaller bottle, and they have same pric

    Thank you for your question! We sell both a 32oz and a one gallon jug. You can click on the size you prefer on our website. The 32oz is listed for $12.50 and the gallon is $32.Please let us know if you have any further questions!