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Most mouse traps capture the rodents out in the open for all to see. When it's discouraged to use traditional mouse snap traps, the Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is the perfect alternative. It kills the rodents without having the dead mouse put on display. It can be set up in a variety of places and has a no-touch disposal system.

How Hidden Kill Mouse Traps Work

Snap traps are loud and can sometimes be pulled along by the mouse as it tries to escape. The Hidden Kill Mouse Trap kills quietly thanks to its innovative design. It's black in color to keep the trap inconspicuous in the background and features a no-mess capture and kill system. The trap is built within an enclosed case and has two entrances to allow the mice to enter from the left or the right.

Where to Use Hidden Kill Mouse Traps

Hidden Kill Mouse Traps can be placed anywhere the mice have been seen. If no rodents are seen but their droppings are found, place a trap in that area. The traps can be used in both residential and commercial interiors and exteriors, making them a more durable and reliable alternative to wood snap traps for outdoor use. Place the traps in crawl spaces, attics, basements, corners, behind appliances, beneath cabinets and other places where the mice like to nest, to search for food and to travel.

Target Pests

The Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is an affordable and dependable option for trapping mice indoors and outdoors. Its small design makes it perfect for killing house mice and field mice, as well as other small rodents such as meadow voles. Each trap has a removable bait cup that makes it easy to refill without putting the user at risk. The traps are safe and can be put in places where mice gnaw on baseboards, furniture and cabinets.

Why Use Hidden Kill Mouse Traps?

Mice and other rodents spread diseases as they travel, leaving behind bacteria and viruses in their feces and urine. Even their dander can cause allergic reactions in people. Mice also have fleas, so if the pests invade interior spaces, a person would have mice and fleas to deal with. Some reasons to use Hidden Kill Mouse Traps for mouse control include:

  • Low profile and can be placed out of the way
  • Removable bait cup for easy and safe baiting
  • Quiet trapping and no-touch disposal
  • Two-way entry
  • Keeps the dead mouse hidden from view
  • Affordable alternative to wood snap traps

Stop Mice Infestations with Hidden Kill Mouse Traps

Mice cause problems for homes and businesses by contaminating interior spaces and gnawing on wires, furniture and walls. The Hidden Kill Mouse Trap is designed to kill the mice without putting them on display. Once they're inside, they take the bait and die in an instant. Though the traps can be used more than once, it's recommended to discard them after the first use as they may not be as effective at killing the mice each time afterward.


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