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Organic methods for killing and controlling pest infestations are always preferred in some areas. GC-Mite is a natural miticide and insecticide, providing excellent control of spider mites and plant-damaging insects like aphids. These pests cause massive damage that can result in lower yields, sour fruit and defoliation. GC-Mite contains organic ingredients and provides quality results when compared to similar pesticides containing toxic chemicals.

How GC-Mite Works

GC-Mite contains only natural, organic ingredients to knock out pest infestations on agricultural crops. It contains cottonseed oil and garlic extract as the primary ingredients, along with clove oil, oleic acid, lauric acid, sodium bicarbonate and water. These ingredients combine to cause irritation in the insect, as well as asphyxia and dehydration. It's not only effective on the insects and mites but also the webs and eggs.

Where to Use GC-Mite Miticide

Apply GC-Mite as a foliar spray to kill and control various mites and insects on agricultural crops. Because it contains only natural ingredients, it's safe to use on plants in greenhouses. In fact, it can be helpful to assist plants that are currently diseased. The organic ingredients are safe to use on many fruit and vegetable crops and aren't dangerous to people or animals. GC-Mite should be used in an integrated pest management (IPM) program with other organic products for effective, safe and natural insect and disease control.

Target Pests

GC-Mite targets a variety of mite species on crops. These pests create webbing on the leaves and feed on the plants, causing wilting and stunted growth. Apply this product as a foliar spray to kill two-spotted spider mites, rust mites and red mites, as well as Persea mites. The ingredients in this miticide work to kill the mites and also dissolves their webs while controlling the eggs for better control against future infestations. It's also effective on insects in the target areas, such as aphids and thrips.

Reasons to Use GC-Mite Insecticide

GC-Mite has no re-entry or pre-harvest intervals, so it can be applied anytime without the need to wait before re-entering the application area. The natural ingredients don't pose a risk to the applicator and won't cause a residue or a foul taste. It's perfect for use in an IPM program and controls spider mites across a variety of plants. Some other reasons to use GC-Mite include:

  • Targets adult mites, the webs and the eggs
  • Controls leaf-damaging insects like aphids and thrips
  • Provides season-long protection on labeled crops
  • Easy to apply with no risk to the applicator
  • EPA exempt status

GC-Mite is Perfect for IPM Programs

Most miticides and insecticides contain toxic chemicals and long re-entry intervals. GC-Mite only contains natural, organic ingredients and doesn't require any re-entry times, even on the day of harvest. It can be used at any time and on many different crops thanks to its mixture of garlic oil and essential oils. Whether two-spotted spider mites or aphids are causing damage to leaves and fruits, GC-Mite takes care of the problem quickly without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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