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A Comprehensive Tick
Control Solution

With one product you are covering your bases comprehensively.
Figuring out which tick problem you have can be a tricky one.

American Dog Tick

Rock Mountain Wood Tick


Soft Tick

Brown Dog Tick

Western Blacklegged Tick

Groundhog Tick

Gulf Coast Tick

Lone Star Tick

How the Product Works

Pesticides are one line of defense against ticks when creating a tick-free zone around your home.


Clean up the yard

Remove places for ticks to hide and bread by clening up your yard and landscaping.


Use of pesticides

Pesticides are effective in the reduction in the number of tick in and around your home.


Preventing bites

Check yourself and your pet after spending time outdoors.

Detail Information

Understand the details of the product, good precautions, how-to apply.

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  • Description
  • Storage
  • Disposal
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Talstar Xtra Verge

Talstar Xtra Verge is a granular pesticide labeled for a multitude of pests and works quickly to treat the treated outdoor surface it lands on within 15 minutes, with up to 4 months of control. Zeta-Cypermethrin and Bifenthrin are the two active ingredients within Talstar Xtra Verge granules. Zeta-Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid that once in contact with the insect causes a quick demise . Bifenthrin, also within the pyrethroid family, effects the insects nervous system whenever its eaten or comes in contact with labeled pests. The verge granule is uniform in size and shape, resulting in a more consistent barrier treatment. Additionally the verge granules are clay-based and disintegrate at a fast rate, dissolving into thousands of micro particles in less than a minute of it being watered in.

Where can Talstar Xtra Verge be used?
Talstar Xtra Verge is labeled to be used outdoors including areas surrounding residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings. For lawns and landscaped areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas, and athletic fields. This product is extremely toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates, oysters, and shrimp. Do not allow this product to run off into storm drains, ditches, gutters, or surface waters. Do not spread when raining. Check the weather to ensure that rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours.

Talstar Xtra Verge can be used as perimeter treatment and a broadcast treatment ensuring that uniform coverage happens over the area. You can not exceed more than 2.3 lbs of granules per 1000 square feet on residential sites around private homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, non-agricultural outbuildings, non-commercial greenhouses, pre-schools or day care facilities.

You can apply up to 4.6 lbs of granules per 1000 square feet per application on non-residential use sites, commercials or industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas of athletic fields.

Do not broadcast apply more than 4.6 lbs per 1000 square feet per year.

Lawn Application: Broadcast with suitable application equipment to ensure uniform coverage.

Perimeter Applications: Apply to ground area 5-10 feet wide around and adjacent to structures.

You can spot treatment for ants other than fire ants - Read the label and obtain to what the directions say.

*Read the label to see how to combat certain pests and how much water is needed to water in the product.


Scion is a concentrated liquid that can be bought in two different sizes, a quart or 1.33oz bottle. It's labeled for outdoor use and is a general surface, crack/crevice, spot treatment for around structures like industrial buildings, houses, patios, porches, apartment buildings, closets, etc. The active ingredient within Scion is Gamma-Cyhalothrin. Gamma- Cyhalothrin is a part of the pyrethroid family and is a broad spectrum, fast acting chemical. It disrupts the insects nervous system by either the insect coming into contact with the insecticide or ingesting it. This product also has UXV technology which ensures to provide immediate control as well as a continuous residual even when faced with high temperatures and intense sunlight.

Where can Scion be used?
For outdoor Surfaces and Perimeters one can treat ornamental plants next to foundations of buildings and to external surfaces of buildings , porches, screens, doors, window frames, eaves, patios, and garages. Scion may also be applied to lawns around non-residential buildings; however, all exposed food and utensils need to be removed.

For perimeter treatments apply a continual band of insecticide around building foundations and around windows, doors, service line entrances, eaves, or anywhere there could be a potential entry by crawling pests. Before you spray, please remove debris and leaf litter from touching the foundation. The amount you spray of scion is specific to the pest.

For ticks the recommended amount is .65 fl oz /3 gallon of water. This will cover 800-1600 square feet.

You can not apply more than 46.1 fl oz of concentrate per acre per year.


Talstar Xtra Verge

Target Pest:
Ants (including Fire Ants). Chinch bugs, fleas, ticks, mole crickets, earwigs, crane flies, and many more. Check the label for the approved pest list.

Talstar Xtra Verge Packaging:
Arrives in a 25lb resealable bag.

Gear Needed :
Applicators must wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, covered shoes, and socks. Wear protective gloves and eye protection. Use outdoors or in a well ventilated area. One will need a broadcast spreader.


Target Pest:
Ants, Bedbugs, Bees, Boxelder Bugs, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Cigarette Beetles, Clover Mites, Cockroaches, Ticks, Wasps, Crickets, Earwigs, Silverfish, and much more. Check the label for the approved pest list.

Scion Packaging:
Arrives in a convenient 1.33 oz plastic bottle or a quart bottle.

Gear Needed:
Applicators must wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, covered shoes, and socks. Wear protective gloves and eye protection. One will need an 5 gallon sprayer.


Store in a cool, dry place inaccessible to children or pets. Store in the original container in a cool, dry place and avoid excess heat.


Completely use all material and then offer for recycling if available or dispose of empty bag in a sanitary landfill. Call your local solid waste authority.


Manufacturer FMC
Active Ingredient

Talstar Xtra Verge-Zeta-Cypermethrin, Bifenthrin, Other Ingredients

Scion-Gamma-Cyhalothrin, Other Ingredients

Container Size

Talstar Xtra Verge- 25 lb bag

Scion -1.33oz bottle

Application Amount See label for details.



Talstar Xtra Verge



Talstar Xtra Verge