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For fast knockdown of various insect pests, use Demon Max liquid insecticide. Not only does it kill pests on contact, but it also provides residual control in the application site. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to kill the most hard-to-control pests like fleas and cockroaches. The active ingredient works quickly and even protects ornamental landscaping from plant-destroying insects.

How Demon Max Insecticide Works

Demon Max insecticide contains the active ingredient cypermethrin. This is a synthetic pyrethroid, which mimics the effects of natural pyrethrins from chrysanthemums. That's why people plant these flowers around gardens and other turf areas to keep pests away. Cypermethrin provides the same effects but in a stronger dose, killing the insects by disrupting their nerve function. Within hours of contact, the pests become paralyzed and die.

Where to Use Demon Max Insecticide

Use Demon Max liquid insecticide indoors and outdoors to treat pest infestations. It can be applied directly to the soil and the turfgrass to knock down insects and spiders. It can also be sprayed on ornamentals to kill caterpillars and other leaf-eaters. Spray the liquid formulation using a backpack sprayer in cracks and crevices to target the insects where they hide and breed. Use it in crawl spaces, along perimeters and other areas to kill, control and prevent infestations in homes and businesses.

Target Pests

Demon Max is very effective at controlling subterranean termites. It can also be applied as a spot treatment above the ground to knock down drywood termites. It protects pre- and post-construction from termite damage and continues to work for weeks after application. It's not only effective at controlling termites but also various turf pests like chinch bugs and pillbugs. Use it to knock down and control spiders, ticks and fleas, as well as to kill flies, wasps and other flying insects. It also works to control the following pests and more:

  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Ground beetles
  • Mole crickets
  • Silverfish

Benefits of Using Demon Max for Pest Control

The active ingredient in Demon Max makes it one of the most effective liquid insecticides for indoor and outdoor use. It provides quick knockdown and doesn't degrade soon after application. Instead, it continues to provide residual control and prevents infestations in the target areas. Some other advantages and benefits of Demon Max include:

  • Comes in a ready-to-use 1-gallon jug
  • Used for broad-spectrum pest control
  • For use as a pre- and post-construction termite treatment
  • Applies easily with a hand sprayer
  • Can be used as a soil injection or foam application

Control Insects Faster With Demon Max Insecticide

It shouldn't take weeks to see visual results after using an insecticide. Demon Max doesn't take weeks; it only takes minutes. The active ingredient in this liquid insecticide works on contact to knock down stubborn pests in the application area. Better yet, it keeps killing and controlling insects for weeks in ideal conditions. Whether it's roaches invading homes or chinch bugs in the turfgrass, nothing kills and controls pest insects faster than Demon Max.

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