Defendor Specialty Herbicide

Defendor Specialty Herbicide

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Effective dandelion control made easy!

Defendor® specialty herbicide is a postemergence product effective in late fall and early spring and is designed to perform in cold weather. Defendor prevents dandelion bloom and controls other spring weeds before they’re ever seen.

Application: Can be applied in late fall or early spring, when temperatures are still cool — a time when other postemergence herbicides aren't effective.

Low Use Rates: Defendor has an extremely low use rate when compared with other postemergence herbicides.

Manufacturer Corteva
Utility  Herbicide
Active Ingredient Florasulam, Other Ingredients
Composition 4.84%, 95.16%
Container Size Quart
Case Amount 4x1 Quart
Application Amount See label for details.