DeerPro™  Winter Animal Repellent

DeerPro™ Winter Animal Repellent

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DeerPro™ Winter Animal Repellent is the longest lasting deer repellent on the market today. Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, DeerPro does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. DeerPro provides your customers with six months of protection from deer. One spray as early as October will still be protecting shrubs into early spring.

The active ingredient in DeerPro is thiram, a strong taste-deterrent that will even protect trees and shrubs from starving deer. When your customers are counting on you to protect their expensive landscaping, you need the strongest repellent available. No gimmicks—just a proven effective repellent to keep the deer away and your customers coming back.


  • Easy to use. Will not clog sprayer.
    Thiram based sprays are often difficult to use. They clog sprayers and settle out quickly in tanks. DeerPro is specially formulated to stay in suspension longer and give you a consistent spray. It will not clog your sprayer. DeerPro is sold as a concentrate. Just add water and you're ready to spray.
  • Goes on green. Keeps evergreens green.
    Other thiram sprays leave a heavy white residue on plants. These white sprays are unattractive and stand out from the natural green look of the woody ornamental evergreens. DeerPro is the only thiram spray that comes with a colorant built in. This tones down the look of the thiram as it protects the plants through the winter.
  • Proven success.
    It has been more than 30 years since Connecticut's Redding Nursery developed DeerPro to protect arborvitae in its fields. Today, DeerPro protects thousands of properties in Connecticut from winter deer damage. Now, DeerPro is available for commercial use in your area.


Manufacturer Deerpro™
Primary Pest Deer
Utility  Repellent
Active Ingredient Thiram, Other Ingredients
Composition 25.8%, 74.2%
Container Size 2.5 GA Jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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