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Celsius is a postemergent herbicide for killing and controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses in residential and commercial lawns. It contains three ingredients to provide more effective weed control even on recreational sites like golf courses. It can be used on warm-season grasses and starts to work within a few hours of application. It takes about one to four weeks for the plants to die completely.

How Celsius Herbicide Works

Celsius postemergent herbicide contains three active ingredients. Dicamba penetrates the weed and translocates throughout its system, immediately stopping growth. Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium is a selective chemical and most effective on young weeds. Thiencarbazone-methyl is the third ingredient and inhibits photosynthesis. Without this process, the weed cannot survive and dies within a few weeks. Once applied, Celsius stops weed growth in a few hours and total weed death in a week or so.

Where to Use Celsius WG

Celsius is labeled for use in most areas where weeds compete with turfgrass and other plants. It can be applied on home lawns and commercial landscapes to combat a variety of weeds, such as common ragweed and dandelions. Use it on golf course fairways and roughs to keep weeds from taking over the area. It's effective at controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses on other recreational sites such as playgrounds, parks and athletic fields. Apply it along roadsides, school grounds and other areas to protect warm-season grasses from weeds.

Target Weeds

Celsius herbicide for weed control targets numerous species on lawns and landscapes. It's safe for use on most warm-season turfgrass and can be used as a spot treatment to kill weeds where they've emerged from the soil. Use it to take out ragweed, dogfennel and lambsquarters, as well as creeping beggarweed and foxtail weeds. It's effective at killing and controlling other weeds as well, such as:

  • Stinkgrass
  • Barnyardgrass
  • Curly dock
  • Speedwell
  • Chickweed

Benefits of Celsius WG Herbicide

Because Celsius WG herbicide is labeled for use on most warm-season grasses, there's no worry about harming the turf when treating the weeds. This herbicide works on contact, stopping weed growth within hours of application. Expect the weeds to die completely within one to four weeks depending on the species. It targets everything from ragweed to spurge on home lawns, golf courses and more. Some other benefits include:

  • Contains three ingredients for better weed control
  • Kills dozens of weed species on warm-season grass
  • Can be used as a spot treatment on sidewalks and other areas
  • Works fast in warmer temperatures

Get Better Weed Control With Celsius Herbicide

Weeds overtake lawns and compete with turfgrass and plants for nutrients. It doesn't take long for emerged weeds to spread seed and cause an infestation throughout the landscape. Celsius herbicide is made to knock down invasive annual and perennial weeds in home lawns, sod farms and other sites. It works within hours of application and provides broad-spectrum weed control for residential and commercial properties. Whether dandelions have taken over the backyard or ragweed is ruining the fairway, Celsius postemergent herbicide works quickly to get rid of weeds for good.





Active Ingredient

Thiencarbazone-methyl 8.7%

Iodosulfuron 1.9%

Dicamba 57.4%

Container Size

10 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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