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Antixx™ - Liquid Ant Bait - 1 quart

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Kills: Ants including foraging carpenter ants*, foraging fire ants*, sweet-feeding listed ants, pavement ants, moisture ants, little black ants, Argentine ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, bigheaded ants, cornfield ants, ghost ants, odorous house ants, thief ants, Texas leafcutting ants, and field ants (excluding harvester ants, and pharaoh ants)

Can be used in the following areas-
Residential Areas:
Use indoors and outdoors around single and multi- family residential buildings: along baseboards, in corners of rooms and cabinets, under and behind appliances, under sinks, in pantry, on window sills, around doorways, around garbage cans, on or around decks, patios, balconies, garden paths, ornamentals, lawns, electrical conduits, vents, pipe chases, concrete slabs, crawlspaces, skylights on roofs, sidewalks, and driveways; in home greenhouses, on ground around home or structure, and other areas where listed ants are found.

Industrial and Recreation Areas: Use outdoors in industrial, commercial and recreational areas: warehouses, processing facilities/plants, railyards, roadsides, rights of way, golf courses, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, hotel and motel landscaping, campgrounds.

*Please purchase liquid bait stations to use in conjunction with this product.
*Restricted use in CA for foraging carpenter ants and foraging fire ants.

Manufacturer Neudorff®
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Spinosad, Other Ingredients
Composition .015%, 99.985%
Container Size 1 Quart
Application Amount See label for details.


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