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Each year, termites cause damage to buildings and other structures, resulting in billions of dollars in repair costs. It's important to treat these insects quickly before the infestation and damage gets worse. Altriset Termiticide contains a highly effective ingredient to target the pests and to prevent their colony from growing. It starts to work within a few hours and eliminates the entire colony within days of an application.

How Altriset Termiticide Works

The active ingredient in Altriset Termiticide is chlorantraniliprole. It acts similar to synthetic pyrethroids but belongs to the ryanoid class of insecticides. This chemical ingredient works both on contact and by ingestion. It targets the termites' central nervous system and causes immobility within a few hours and then death. Because the chemical degrades slowly, the termites have time to bring the bait to the nest and infect other members.

Where to Use Altriset Termiticide

Altriset Termiticide works best as an in-ground treatment of subterranean termites. These termites live below the soil and build dirt tunnels up the foundation into cracks and crevices in a structure. Use it around residential and commercial buildings to eliminate subterranean termites before they can damage the structures. For drywood termites, which attack above the ground, use it as a spot treatment with the appropriate applicator equipment. It can also be used to protect a variety of trees on a property.

Target Pests

Altriset Termiticide is designed for the elimination and prevention of subterranean termites. Though it also works to kill drywood termite species, it's only used as a localized treatment. Those who have experience with in-ground applications will have no trouble applying this product to the soil where subterranean termites have been found or could be located. It's ideal for use on preconstruction sites to prevent subterranean termites from causing damage during and after construction.

Benefits of Using Altriset for Termites

Because termites cause billions in damages, it's important to treat them before they get out of control. Altriset provides the ultimate termite control, providing a potent chemical to stop the termites in their tracks. It not only kills the termites within hours but also eliminates the entire colony. It mixes easily in the tank and can be used as part of a termite management program. Other benefits include:

  • Labeled as reduced-risk by the EPA
  • Best for in-ground applications
  • Perfect for pre- and post-construction
  • Provides localized treatment of drywood termites
  • Kills the colony within days
  • Contains a powerful ingredient for maximum termite control

Altriset Eliminates Termites in Hours

Subterranean termites aren't always easy to detect and require a serious product to eliminate the entire colony. Altriset Termiticide makes it easy to flush out the insects and to kill every member in the nest. It's not only useful for protecting homes and businesses from termite damage, but it's also ideal for spot treatments in trees within 50 feet of a building. The active ingredient works by ingestion and also by contact, making sure to infect every termite whether they've fed on the bait or not.

Manufacturer Syngenta
Primary Pest Termites
Utility  Liquid
Active Ingredient Chlorantraniliprole*, Other Ingredients
Composition 18.4%. 81.60%
Container Size 34 floz bottle
Application Amount See label for details.



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