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Altosid XR-G is an insect growth regulator made for absolute mosquito control. It's a mosquito larvicide, so it targets the larvae and prevents them from growing into adults. It has the same active ingredient as other Altosid products but in easy-to-use granules. When used as directed, it reduces the mosquito population and protects against infestations for up to three weeks.

How Altosid XR-G Works

It contains the active ingredient s-methoprene, which mimics the mosquito's hormones. It affects the larva's growth cycle, so it can't mature into a breeding adult. It also prevents the mosquito's ability to reproduce, thus putting an end to population explosions. Though it works on larvae, it does not affect adult mosquitoes.

Where to Use Altosid XR-G

Adding Altosid XR-G IGR to standing water in the following areas and more will target the larvae and interfere with their life cycle:

  • Birdbaths
  • Old tires
  • Gutters
  • Pool covers
  • Water gardens

Features and Benefits

  • Disrupts the mosquito's life cycle
  • Can be used in many different water sources
  • Provides control for up to three weeks
  • Granules mix easily in water

Altosid XR-G Prevents Mosquito Infestations

Altosid XR-G insect growth regulator is a must-have product for any area where standing water could lead to a mosquito infestation. It can be applied to everything from backyard bird baths and ornamental ponds to tire swings and flood-prone areas. Whether it's a water feature on business property or a rice field or other irrigated cropland, XR-G IGR targets mosquito larvae and prevents them from growing into breeding, disease-carrying adults.



Central Life Sciences



Active Ingredient

(S)-methoprene granule



Container Size


Application Amount

See label for details.






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