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The old way of getting rid of termites is over. Termidor HP is a high-precision injection system made to minimize labor and improve termite control by 100 percent. It eliminates trenching and rodding and delivers a fatal dose of Termidor Foam into the target site, providing quick control of termite infestations and protecting the structure from future outbreaks.

How Termidor HP Works

Termidor HP injection system is a hydraulic trench that replaces manual trenching, so there's no need to dig. That means it's possible to treat the site in 75 percent less time than using the old way. A digital computer delivers accurate injections of Termidor Foam into the site. It's a ready-to-use foam containing fipronil, which moves through the colony and kills every termite in the nest. The foam formulation offers thicker coverage and stays intact six times longer than similar foam termiticides.

Where to Use Termidor HP

Use the Termidor HP injection system anywhere treating termites is necessary. It can be used by pest management professionals to cut treatment time in half. Since there's no trenching needed, it eliminates disruptions for the homeowner. Use this high-precision injection system to treat termite infestations around residences, businesses, industrial buildings and other structures. It delivers an accurate measurement of Termidor Foam at the injection site and protects the area from infestations thanks to its unique formulation.

Target Pests

The Termidor HP injection system is made to eliminate trenching and to minimize labor when treating termite infestations. It's an accurate system that is created to knock out termites while protecting the wood from future infestations. Though it includes Termidor Foam, which is specially made for termites, it will also work on carpenter ants. It may also be useful for treating and protecting against other wood-damaging pests like old house borers, providing 100 percent control in three months or less.

Termidor HP Features and Benefits

It's the hydraulic trenching process and digital computer that make Termidor HP such an invaluable piece of equipment for any professional. There's no need to manually trench the area anymore or second-guess the amount of termiticide to use at the site. The system produces an exact amount of finished solution and delivers an accurate zone of treatment when done. Some major features and benefits of Termidor HP include:

  • Replaces manual trenching and digging
  • Works on termites, carpenter ants and other wood-damaging pests
  • Helps pros finish the job in an hour or less
  • Eliminates the need to create a tank dilution
  • Provides better coverage and control for months

Termidor HP: A High-Pressure Termite Killer

Because the Termidor HP injection system uses Termidor Foam, it's delivering the most successful termite treatment product into the treatment site. The foam cells stay intact and resist breaking, so it's more effective for longer and is less likely to run down the injection site. With no digging required, the injection system reduces labor and time. When professionals need a product that just works, there's nothing out there that treats termites better than Termidor HP.

Manufacturer BASF
Primary Pest Termites
Utility  Concentrated Liquid
Active Ingredient Fipronil, Other Ingredients
Composition 9.1%, 90.9%
Container Size 78 floz bottle
Application Amount See label for details.


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