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Catchmaster 72MB Series Mouse Glue Boards work well for trapping mice and eliminating infestations in homes and businesses. They're nontoxic, so there's no worry about pesticides harming people in the surrounding area. They're easy to set up and use and provide long-lasting control for months after placing them on the floor. These glue boards not only capture mice but also various insect pests like roaches and earwigs.

How Catchmaster Mouse Glue Boards Work

Catchmaster 72MB glue boards are larger than 150MBGL mouse and insect glue boards, making them ideal for trapping larger mice and spiders. They have a specialized adhesive on the boards that last longer than the competition's. The traps don't harden and will remain adhesive for a year in the right conditions. They can be laid flat and placed on the floor or folded up in the shape of a tent to lure the pests through the tunnel.

Where to Use CM Mouse Glue Boards

Use these mouse glue boards wherever mice have been. If feces have been seen in the pantry, place the glue boards on the floor and a few shelves. They're nontoxic, so there's no need to worry about chemicals contaminating the food. Because the glue boards have a large 30-square-inch surface, they can be set up in an area to catch everything from roaches to small rodents in homes, offices, warehouses and other interior spaces.

Target Pests

Catchmaster mouse glue boards fold into a convenient funnel shape to fit into tight areas. The boards also have adhesive backing to make sure they stay in place to prevent the mice from dragging them off. Though they're made to capture mice, the 72MB glue boards are also effective at trapping various insect pests and spiders. When placed in areas of high activity, they can capture millipedes, ants, crickets, silverfish and other insects. They'll also catch flying insects such as wasps and houseflies.

Why Use Catchmaster Glue Boards for Mice?

One reason people use Catchmaster glue boards for pest control is their nontoxic formula. It's not always possible to spray chemical pesticides or to set out baits and snap traps. These glue boards are not only made with nontoxic glue, but they're also made from disposable cardboard, so they're good for the environment. Other reasons to use these glue boards for mice control include:

  • The peanut butter scent lures mice out of hiding.
  • Placing them along baseboards traps the mice as they travel.
  • They can trap crawling and flying insects indoors.
  • Lay them flat or fold them into a tent shape to fit into tight spaces.

The Peanut Butter Lures Mice Out of Hiding

With a delicious peanut butter scent, these mouse glue boards bring the rodents out of their sheltered spots. They can't resist the smell and rush to the glue boards in search of a meal. Once they contact the glue surface, they're stuck for good. Better yet, the glue boards can be tossed out without touching the dead rodent. They also work to capture other household pests like cockroaches, spiders and more.


Manufacturer Paragon
Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Glue Boards
Container Size 72 per case
Case Amount 72 per case
Application Amount See label for details.



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