Tick Control Tubes 96 tubes/Carton

Tick Control Tubes 96 tubes/Carton

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  • Kills backyard ticks with Lyme disease
  • Doesn’t harm kids, pets, or environment
  • No spray; environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use: apply in minutes 2x a year
  • Developed at Harvard University School of Public Health
  • Works best in New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northern Woods where Lyme disease is concentrated and the Deer tick population is high

         When to Apply

  • Set Tick Tubes out twice a year, once in the spring (ideally in late April) and once in the summer (ideally in mid-July).  If you purchase in late May or June, place your tick tubes out immediately and you will still be able to kill nymphal ticks in June and July.  Likewise, if you purchase tubes in August or September, place them out immediaely to kill larval ticks that are still feeding.
  • The spring application kills nymphal ticks that emerge in April and feed in the spring and early summer. These are the ticks that most often infect people with diseases.  After nymphal ticks get a blood meal, they turn into adult ticks that hatch in the fall. 
  • The summer application kills larval ticks that emerge in July and feed in August and September.  Larval ticks turn into next year's dangerous nymphal ticks, so it is essential to apply Tick Control Tubes in July to nip the tick lifecycle in the bud . 
  • For best results, apply Tick Control Tubes each season to treat the season's new mice nests and kill any new deer ticks in your yard.


How Much to Apply

Property Size Each Application For the Year*
1/4 Acre 6 tubes 12 Tubes
1/2 Acre 12 tubes 24 tubes
1 Acre 24 tubes 48 tubes

Yards with above average amounts of shrubs, tall grass or woods will need up to 20% more tubes.

*Just two applications are needed for the entire year.


How Long Does it Take to Work?

  • Tick Control Tubes will start to decrease your tick population a few weeks after you apply them to your yard  A mouse can pick up over 10 ticks a day or hundreds a season, so over time you will see a marked decrease of ticks in your yard.  
  • When you apply Tick Control Tubes in the spring, you are killing nymphal ticks that hatch in April and feed mainly from May - July.    These ticks are the ones that most often spread Lyme diease to humans.  Reapply tick tubes in July to kill baby larval ticks that hatch and feed in August and September.   These larval ticks become next year's dangerous nymphal ticks.  
  • By killing both nymphal and larval ticks in year 1, you will see a marked decrease in your tick population the next summer.    Keep applying tick tubes to your yard each season  to treat new mouse nests and you will see improvement each year.
Manufacturer Thermacell Repellents Inc
Primary Pest Ticks
Utility  Traps
Active Ingredient Permethrin, Other ingredients
Composition 7.4%, 92.6%
Container Size 96 tubes per carton
Application Amount See label for details.

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