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Sometimes insecticides don't work as well as they should because the insects hide in the foliage and don't come into contact with any active ingredients. Captiva makes those insecticides work even better since it excites the insects and forces them out of their hiding spots. When used alone, Captiva works as a repellent and keeps some pest species from damaging profitable plants, trees and shrubs.

How Captiva Repellent Insecticide Works

Captiva contains the active ingredient capsicum oleoresin extract in a concentrated formula. This ingredient is derived from pepper, which is what causes the insects to behave so erratically after coming into contact with the repellent. The extract sends the insects looking for a way out, helping the insecticide kill the pests on contact. It also contains garlic and soybean oils to cover and penetrate the canopy.

Where to Use Captiva to Control Pests

Use Captiva insect repellent in areas where pests threaten plants and nonfood crops. It can be used in greenhouses and plant nurseries to irritate the insects. When it's mixed with an insecticide in the tank, Captiva enhances the product's effectiveness and helps to knock down insects more quickly and thoroughly. It can be tank-mixed with most any insecticide, pesticide and other products that target pest insects on ornamental flowers, shrubs, nonbearing trees and other plants. Alone, Captiva acts as an antifeedant, a repellent and an anti-oviposition deterrent.

Target Pests

Captiva repels a variety of insect pests, helping other insecticides to work more effectively. The active ingredient in Captiva may weaken the cuticle in the larvae and pupae of some insects and spider mites. It sends aphids and thrips into a frenzy, driving out most insects from their hiding spots. By itself, Captiva does not kill or control any insect pests. Instead, it's best tank-mixed with a contact and residual pesticide to reach more insects and to eliminate the infestation.

Benefits of Using Captiva Repellent

Captiva insect repellent mixes easily in the tank with other pesticides and acts as an effective irritant for many different insect pests. It drives them out of their hiding spots and can even protect plants and crops against plant-feeding insects. The extract weakens immature pests and helps the tank-mix partner to work even better. The benefits of using Captiva in a pest management program include:

  • Has repellent and antifeedant properties
  • Enhances the effectiveness of insecticides and miticides
  • Quickly forces insects away from the plants
  • Improves the level of pest control in greenhouses
  • Can be used on nonfood crops, flowers, trees and other plants

Get Rid of Greenhouse Pests With Captiva

Captiva may not kill insects when used by itself, but it's the ultimate repellent and enhancer when combined with an insecticide. The active ingredient in this repellent excites various insect pests and drives them out of their sheltered places. Captiva works well as a tank-mix partner and can be used with everything from pyrethroid-based insecticides to insect growth regulators. Greenhouse workers benefit greatly from Captiva as it helps to drive out the adult insects when implementing foggers in the area.

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