Advion® Ant Bait Arena-30 count

Advion® Ant Bait Arena-30 count

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Target Pest:
Ants, Fire Ants, Harvester Ants
Ant Arena Structure:
The structure itself is constructed out of plastic and has openings that lead the ants to the alluring bait. The openings of the structure allow for very large and small ants to enter.The Advion Ant Bait Arena is a highly effective ant station that is already pre-filled  with .07 oz of a potent, non-repellent bait. The active ingredient within this ant station is an insecticide called Indoxacarb. Upon ingesting, specific enzymes within the ant turn on the active ingredient causing it to be deadly. This bio-activation process is not as efficient within non-target pests. Once indoxacarb is "turned on" through enzymatic activity within the ant, it starts blocking the sodium channels in the insects nervous system. However, it doesn't kill the ant immediately, it allows the ant to return to its colony where the queen and larvae are and spread the active ingredient. This allows for multiple generations to be terminated. While you might not see ant carcasses around your home, that does not mean the product isn't working. Once the ant has ingested the bait, it will return to its nest and help spread the active to other ants.


Gear Needed : Wear disposable gloves when placing arenas and wash hands with soap and water once placed. Also have some type of adhesive readily available to help secure arenas.Where can these be used?
These can be used both indoors and outdoors. They should be placed where ants are foraging or where its suspected. They should also be placed adjacent to ant trails.
When placing indoors first inspect the area you wish to place them. Its recommended to place 1-4 arenas where ants are observed.  In addition to being placed where you see foraging trails you can also place along walls, under appliances, industrial equipment, inside garbage containers, inside cabinets, under furniture or any location where there is ant activity. Use an adhesive to secure them to the floor wall, cabinet etc.
Remember to take note of where you've placed them (create a key) and return to the arenas to check and see how much of the bait has been depleted. Dependent on the infestation you should replace every 2-3 months.
 When placing them outdoors, first inspect the infested area and areas where they could enter the structure. Common places to place is near tree bases, along exterior walls, around garbage collection areas, windows, and vents. You can secure to outside structures with a bit of adhesive on the bottom. Place 1-4 ant stations where ants are observed. Inspect every 2-3 months to see if they need to be replaced.
 The active ingredient within the arena is good for up to 3 months; however, when using outdoors extreme elements can effect efficacy. If the product gets extremely warm or comes in contact with lots of water, it can decrease the overall effectiveness.

Are these safe for children and pets to be around ? Yes, if used and placed properly. Do not place baits near or around food. These baits are made of plastic and can be detrimental to a pets digestive system if ingested.


If empty do not refill or reuse this arena, instead place in trash or offer for recycle if available. If partially filled, reach out to your solid waste authority for disposal instructions.



Manufacturer Syngenta
Primary Pest Ants
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Indoxacarb, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.1%, 99.99%
Container Size 30x1.98gm
Case Amount 4(30x1.98 gm)
Application Amount See label for details.


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