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When golf and sports turf needs to look its best, MikroPak dry water solubles deliver. It's a nonstaining, nitrogen-free supplement package with a blend of micronutrients for turf, lawns and landscaping. It provides flexible application options and can be applied bi-weekly to actively growing turf. MikroPak is perfect to use when the nutrient levels are low and the turf could use a boost in vitality.

How MikroPak Works

MikroPak is a micronutrient supplement package with 3.9 percent magnesium, 4.7 percent sulfur, 7.6 percent iron, 3.9 percent manganese and 2 percent zinc. These ingredients are derived from iron EDTA, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate and magnesium sulfate. With no added nitrogen, there's no need to worry about burning the lawn through improper application.

Where to Use MikroPak

HydroGro MikroPak is designed for use on all professionally maintained sports turf, including golf courses. It can be used on residential and commercial lawns and landscapes to supplement the grass with the necessary nutrients for health. Apply it at 0.5 ounces to 1 ounce per 1,000 square feet to improve the color, growth and remedial action on decorative plants. Apply it at 2.5 pounds to 5 pounds per acre every two weeks. The rate can be adjusted according to the frequency of application. It should only be applied to actively growing turfgrass as it could have a negative effect on newly seeded lawns.

Target Uses

The primary use of MikroPak is to supplement the turf with micronutrients needed for improved growth and vitality. It can be applied to home lawns and sports turf to boost their color and health, as well as on decorative plants when the soil doesn't provide what they need. Signs of nutrient deficiency are leaf curling, localized dry spots, necrosis and other visual damage. It's the perfect supplement package for turf management professionals and golf course superintendents.

MikroPak Features and Benefits

MikroPak contains the most important micronutrients for plant and turf growth and development. Though it doesn't contain nitrogen, it's a vital supplement package to boost the levels of iron, sulfur, magnesium, manganese and zinc in the lawn. It's not a fertilizer as it's three number rating system is 0-0-0. When added to the lawn, however, it will enhance growth and may also prevent the onset of some turf diseases. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Specially formulated plant nutrient supplement
  • For use on all maintained golf and sports turf
  • Can be applied to all lawns and landscapes
  • Easily applied as a foliar spray, fertigation injection or drip irrigation

Keep Sports Turf Healthy with MikroPak

MikroPak is easy to apply and the perfect supplement package for turf management professionals. It can be applied to all major turf sites, including recreational landscapes and athletic fields. It contains the right mixture of micronutrients to improve turf growth and development, as well as the color and growth of decorative plants throughout the landscape. Whether it's used to improve a home lawn or to keep up the appearance of the golf course, MikroPak delivers excellent results.

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