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Grandevo WDG is similar to Grandevo CG but in a water-dispersible granule formulation. It contains the same naturally occurring ingredient to control and suppress various chewing and sucking insect pests and mites. Grandevo WDG can be used in the field and rotated with knockdown insecticides for greater control. By itself, Grandevo is the ideal product for use in an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

How Grandevo WDG Works

Grandevo WDG contains the active ingredient chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1T. This is a naturally occurring bacterium that acts as a stomach poison in the target pests. It not only deters their feeding but also disrupts their ability to reproduce and lay eggs. Grandevo can be used by itself or in rotation with other insecticides and pesticides in the labeled areas.

Where to Use Grandevo WDG Insecticide

Use Grandevo WDG in the field before the adult insect population reaches its maximum point. Because WDG isn't a knockdown insecticide, it won't kill the pests on contact. Therefore, a knockdown insecticide should be used first to reduce the populations. Afterward, use Grandevo WDG to help control the populations and reduce infestations in the area. It can be applied as a foliar spray on the target foliage or by chemigation according to the label. Use it to protect edible crops in the field and in greenhouses.

Target Pests

Grandevo WDG controls and suppresses a variety of chewing and sucking insect pests, as well as mites. The active ingredient controls armyworms and cutworms, including sod webworms. It's effective against aphids and thrips, whiteflies and loopers, and bilbugs and chinch bugs. It even suppresses psyllids and leafhoppers. Use Grandevo in the tank with a contact insecticide for greater control and suppression of stink bugs and two-spotted spider mites, winter grain mites and other species. Applying it early in the growing season will help to prevent an infestation through the summer and fall.

Reasons to Use Grandevo WDG

Without insecticides, many food crops would be lost to foliar-feeding insect pests and mites. Though most insecticides contain synthetic chemicals, which could harm beneficial insects, Grandevo WDG contains the fermented solids of a naturally occurring bacterium. It's hard on insects and mites while being easy on beneficial and predatory insect species. Some other reasons to use Grandevo for pest control include:

  • Can be used on field-grown and greenhouse-grown crops
  • Applies easily as a foliar spray to the target vegetation
  • Labeled for use on turf and ornamental plants
  • Ideal for use in an IPM program
  • Can be combined with contact insecticides for greater control

Protect Plants from Chewing Insects With Grandevo

Grandevo WDG curbs the insect population and protects crops, turf and plants from foliar-feeding pests. It's the ideal product to use as a standalone insecticide or in rotation in an IPM program. It's effective against a variety of insects and mites and can reduce the populations greatly when used with contact insecticides. Whether it's a problem with aphids or stink bugs, Grandevo WDG bioinsecticide prevents the development of damaging insects.

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